The 2021 HSMAI ROC education program will prepare attendees to fuel their company’s rebound, elevate their leadership and business acumen (and that of their teams), anticipate and respond to headwinds, and drive profit throughout the customer journey.

You’ll leave with actionable insights and thought-provoking ideas to guide your strategies – all aimed at fueling your company’s recovery.

Attendees receive credit for 8 hours of continuing education for CRME and CHDM certification and re-certification. Additional hours can be earned by participating in pre-conference learning.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Outlook: Recovery and Beyond
with Adam Sacks, President , Tourism Economics

Recovery is in progress, and economic fundamentals point to a solid foundation for continued rebuilding. However, risks to the outlook must be reckoned with.

Adam Sacks will share Tourism Economics’ latest views on the economy, the mindset of travelers, and expectations for how and when travel will fully recover — all so you can make smarter, more confident decisions.

For more than two decades, Adam has worked with destinations, industry associations, and companies around the world in the areas of opportunity and risk assessments, policy analysis, and economic impact.

He is an authority on measuring the economic impact of visitor activity and has analyzed the impacts of cruising, gaming, timeshare, hotels, new attractions, and destination marketing.

A View from the Top: Chief Commercial Officers Take on the Big Issues

Industry leaders will bring their perspectives to bear on current events in the hotel and travel landscape, what the future holds for revenue optimization in hotels, and other important issues affecting the industry today. It is a candid conversation with actionable insights that you’ll only hear at HSMAI – the industry’s only organization committed to fueling sales, inspiring marketing, and optimizing revenue for hotels and their partners.

  • Garine Ferejian-Mayo, Chief Commercial Officer, Sonesta Hotels
  • Brian Hicks, Senior Vice President, Americas Commercial and Revenue Management, IHG
  • Lori Kiel, CHDM, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Kessler Collection
  • Ankur Randev, Chief Commercial, Officer Highgate
  • Moderated by Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist & Head of Strategy, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

The Lightning Round
It’s a ROC tradition: revenue executives will share their best practices, strategic insights, and big ideas for driving revenue and profit…in 6 minutes and 40 seconds each.

You’ll leave with best practices and practical takeaways that you can use to sharpen your every-day skills and boost property performance, and strategic insights that broaden your perspective and help you better understand key issues and concepts that impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the revenue optimization discipline.

You’ll hear from:

  • Nathan Bacher, CRME, CHBA, Vice President, Revenue Management & Distribution, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
  • Stephen Hambleton, CRME, Director, Product Management, IDeaS
  • Jennifer Hill, CRME, VP, Client Solutions, Kalibri Labs
  • Kelly McGuire, PhD, Managing Partner, ZS…on Revenue Management’s Finest Hour
  • Monika Morrobel, CRME, CHDM, Corporate Director of Revenue, The Kessler Collection
  • Dan Skodol, Vice President, Data Science & Analytics, Cendyn

Awards Celebration
The awards celebration in the morning will shine the spotlight on the incredible talent and accomplishments of revenue optimization leaders.

  • Vanguard Award honoree for Lifetime Achievement in Revenue Optimization
  • Revenue Optimization Professionals of the Year

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

12 breakout sessions over the course of the day will address the most important issues facing revenue leaders. Additional information, including speakers, will be announced soon. Topics on tap so far include:

Three Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Improve Profit Optimization at Your Property

The pandemic highlighted the need for revenue optimization professionals to change the way we think about revenue. Today and for the future, our focus has to be on flowing more of it to the bottom line.

This interactive session will bring the owner perspective to bear and leave you with concrete tactical steps you can take to increase your hotel’s focus on profit—not just revenue—optimization.

Soojin Kim, Vice President of Asset Management, Roch Capital Inc.
Alexa Montgomery Krnjaic, Vice President, Distribution & Channel Management, RLH Corporation/Sonesta

Raheel Moolji, CRME, Senior Director of Revenue Management, Ashford

Best Practices for Demand-Based Pricing

To make the most of post-pandemic demand, optimizing our pricing strategies is essential. This session will address best practices for balancing short-term gains with long-term success, maximizing the positive effects (and minimizing the negative ones) of demand-based pricing in periods of extreme demand surplus, managing the effects that pricing can have on guest perception of value, and achieving maximum rate potential during periods of extreme demand (especially when it comes with an extremely short booking window).

Elizabeth Cambra, CRME, President, StrategicRev
Brian Hicks, SVP Commercial & Revenue Management, IHG Hotels & Resorts
Chris LaRose, Vice President, Revenue Management, Americas Managed Hotels Hilton

Turning Insights into Action: Storytelling with Data

A revenue manager’s ability to uncover powerful insights and succinctly tell a compelling story is essential to delivering optimal performance. It’s important to identify the right data, but being able to turn that data into powerful insights with an action-oriented headline and compelling commentary are the hallmarks of a great data storyteller.

In this session you will be learn best practices for developing attention-grabbing headlines and stories that deliver clear and action-provoking insights. Discover the power of “less is more” storytelling that communicates results and implications without simply restating the data.

Isaac Collazo, VP of Analytics, STR
Brian Klein, Senior Business Strategist, MMGY Global
Dr. Breffni Noone, Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, Pennsylvania State University

Power Up: Growth Strategies for Revenue Leaders

Successful revenue leaders are so much more than effective data analysts and number crunchers. Learn about the attributes for effective leadership in today’s revenue optimization world for you, and for your team. How do your habits, behaviors, and the way you spend your time influence the revenue optimization strategy of your organization/hotel? This session will help you understand how this will continue to evolve in the future and as you grow in your career (or you help your team grow) through constant change.

Cassie Bond, CRME, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Chesapeake Hospitality
Jennifer Hill, CRME, VP, Business Development, Kalibri Labs

More Than a Room Rate

If there was ever a time for revenue managers to exert their influence throughout the hotel, it’s now. As guests continue to return, what initiatives born of Covid-times can be enhanced, evolved, and optimized to broaden and increase your revenue base? How can you forecast and optimize this potential?. Hear from successful revenue innovators (a successful revenue innovator?) who survived and thrived through the worst of times, and think differently about how the attributes of a guest experience can derive incremental profit.

Attendees will hear how an industry-leading hotel company is deploying attribute-based selling, and enhanced revenues by enhancing the guest experience with targeted add-on services and amenities. They will be challenged to reconsider how their own organizations value the attributes of their guests’ experience when pricing, merchandising and marketing.

Susan Guimbellot, CRME, Director – Revenue Management Product Delivery, IHG

Automation Outside the RMS…or, How I Learned to Love the Bots and Let Them Do the Work I Hate

Throughout the recovery, revenue teams have been stretched as necessary resources have not always risen along with workloads. When bringing on additional staff or tools is not an option, what can you do to streamline time-consuming tasks and literally do more with less? Historically we have always focused on automation within the context of an RMS, but perhaps the greatest opportunities for efficiencies exist in automating other processes.

So, how do you get started? This session aims to arm you with know-how to automate inefficient processes and will address:
• No-nonsense hotel-based case studies of automation transformation
• Practical and realistic techniques you can use to automate inefficient processes in your organization
• The spectrum of techniques available for automating highly manual processes, and how to prioritize the right opportunities to automate

Chris Anderson, PhD, Professor, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
Dana Cariss, CHDM, VP, Revenue Strategy + Distribution, CoralTree Hospitality

Kelly McGuire, PhD, Managing Principal, ZS
Moderated by Tess McGoldrick, Director, Customer Strategy & Success, Revenue Analytics

The Future of Group and Negotiated Travel

While there is much uncertainty around the future of both group and business travel, the more insights you have into these segments, the better you can drive business from them. This session will share up-to-date data and trends by market segment, industry segment, top markets, meeting size, and chain scale—key intelligence that will help you prioritize and focus your time, attention, and resources.

Linda Gulrajani, CRME, Vice President, Revenue Strategy & Distribution, Marcus Hotels
Katie Moro, Regional VP, Demand360 Data Partnerships, Amadeus
Kristi White, Chief Product Officer, Knowland

Monday, September 27 | 12:30 4:30 pm

CHDM Review Course

This four-hour workshop will review the key components of the Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification materials, and is a great final “cram session” before you take the exam. Participants have the opportunity to take the CHDM exam on site immediately following the review course if they have submitted their application in advance.

It is the day before the HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference, and 2 days before HSMAI ROC. Space is limited, and an additional registration fee is required.

Learn more about this course — and how to be approved to take the exam on site.

Reserve your seat when you register for ROC.

If you are not attending ROC, you may register for this program on its own.

Facilitated by Holly Zoba, CHDM, Principal, Scout Simply, and past chair of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board

Live, in-person, on-site, face-to-face…not virtual. HSMAI is bringing two major Commercial Strategy events to Dallas in September: the Marketing Strategy Conference, September 28, and HSMAI ROC Americas, September 29. The time has come to renew, rebuild, and recover.

HSMAI Commercial Strategy events will reflect the emerging convergence of sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and other commercial functions, under one umbrella. The cornerstones of HSMAI’s events in Dallas are the conferences, but there are many other learning opportunities during the week.

Partner Insights Workshops – Monday, 9/27
Sponsored by Milestone

1:30 pm | Omnichannel Paid Strategies for Maximizing Revenue for Your Hotel…presented by Milestone

Learn everything about latest in meta search, Google cookies strategy, and all things Paid Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is more than just bidding on keywords. In this session, Milestone will discuss using data and creative strategies to ensuring the right channel mix and how to deliver a high Return on Investment on your paid marketing campaigns.

2:30 pm | The Art and Science of High Performing Hotel Websites…presented by Milestone

If you are looking to get your hotel website into turbo gear and compete head-on with ecommerce driven sites by OTAs and major brands, this is the perfect session for you. In this session, Milestone will share some of the latest creative design trends that drive conversion and engagement on your website. Learn how to combine beauty with the sophisticated website and mobile technology to drive higher bookings and engagement vs. your competition.

3:30 pm | How Google’s New Page Experience and Core Web Vitals Impacts 70% of Your Hotel Website Traffic…presented by Milestone

Organic and Local search drive 70%+ of your total website traffic. Confused about Google’s latest Page Experience algorithm and Core Web Vitals Benchmark, and how these new ranking factors will impact your website traffic? Wondering how to develop more engagement with your guests on different search engine channels? This is the perfect session for you to learn about the latest opportunities and trends to create a fantastic guest experience with your digital assets and driving your SEO and Search optimization.

HSMAI Executive Roundtables (by invitation only)

  • Chief Marketing Officer – Monday, 9/27
  • Chief Digital Officer – Monday, 9/27
  • Chief Loyalty Officer – Monday, 9/27
  • Chief Revenue Officer – Thursday, 9/30